Ertugrul is the father of the Ottoman Caliphate. Osman Caliphate was on the name of ertugrul son osman. Every religion has its warriors leader Ertugrul is also one of the warriors of the Muslims. Quotes of leaders have very impact on their nation. Leaders motivate their nation through their quotes. Ertugrul also has very popular quotes which he used to motivate their people. Nowadays Ertugrul Ghazi is one of the trending watching series and and this series has many quotes.  Here are top 50 best Ertugrul Quotes. These Ertugrul Quotes will inspire to get your dreams by hard working.

Ertugrul Quotes
Only those who can dream big can walk forward in the road of the victory. Ertugrul Quotes
Patience is bitter, but its fruit is very sweeter. Ertugrul Quotes
If we are gladful for what we have, our heart will find peace. Ertugrul Quotes
The tears we shed, water the gardens in our heart. Ertugrul Quotes
The most strong conqueror on Earth is justice. Ertugrul Quotes
Ertugrul Quotes
When god gives pain, He also provides the cure. Ertugrul Quotes
The tongue is only the messenger of the heart. Ertugrul Quotes
It is difficult to live fearless than to die bravely. We will do the dense of the two. Ertugrul Quotes
One who has no vision has no future. Ertugrul Quotes
We all came from Allah, and we will return to him. Ertugrul Quotes
Ertugrul Quotes
Every bird flies with their own kind eagles with eagles, crows with crows. Ertugrul Quotes
Never let torturers plant the seeds of hatred in your hearts. Ertugrul Quotes
Those people who are on the side of the Allah Almighty He will never leave them alone. Ertugrul Quotes
The actual hero is one who knows how to rise again when he falls down. Ertugrul Quotes
You can identify the brave during war, and good friends with their advice. Ertugrul Quotes
Ertugrul Quotes
I have no fear of death. If I surrender before I finish my last breath, then that breath is forbidden for me. Ertugrul Quotes
Don’t get involved with low people or you will become like them. Ertugrul Quotes
Patience is cure for every trouble. Ertugrul Quotes
I am the servant of the most high not of my ego and temptation. Ertugrul Quotes
If your heart is pure, it can not be influenced by any evil of the world. Ertugrul Quotes
    Ertugrul Quotes
You've become the slave of your ego. You don't see beyond your pride and reputation. Ertugrul Quotes
The struggle is ours victory is Allah. Ertugrul Quotes
Stay true to justice and righteous, don’t accept anything but freedom may your path be open. Ertugrul Quotes
As long as we obey Allah’s path, nobody can bring us to our knees. Ertugrul Quotes
A secret is an expensive property and loses its value as you share it. Ertugrul Quotes
Ertugrul Quotes
I will protect the oppressed even if he is my enemy. But I will not forgive the traitor even if he is my brother. Ertugrul Quotes
A person is protected from their death by their fate. Ertugrul Quotes
Problem does not last forever, nor does life. Ertugrul Quotes
There is no teacher greater than patience. Ertugrul Quotes
Knowledge is power. Ertugrul Quotes
Ertugrul Quotes
If you think you can scare me with death…don’t. Death is a reunion time for me. Ertugrul Quotes
What is in our hearts, we will show by our words and our deeds. Ertugrul Quotes
Do you think you can frighten me? I have one life and that related to Allah. Ertugrul Quotes
Despite all the evils in the world, we should plant seeds of hope. Ertugrul Quotes
The greatest weapon is to know your enemy language. Ertugrul Quotes
Ertugrul Quotes
I would never leave you with those tyrants or let those tyrants be the sultans of the world. Ertugrul Quotes
Victory will not lead us to self-importance or laziness. We prefer to win one heart preferably than a thousand castles. Our goal will be to bring humanity close together. Ertugrul Quotes
The destiny of a person is determined by their efforts. Ertugrul Quotes
When the arrows leave the bow, it either strikes the enemies hearts or Our’s. Ertugrul Quotes
Wisdom is the child of patience. Ertugrul Quotes

Ertugrul Quotes
People with big responsibilities also face big challenges. Ertugrul Quotes
If your hearth is in the right place, your words will find the right path. Ertugrul Quotes
A leader’s heart should be as big as his responsibilities. Ertugrul Quotes
The evil of the day should be preferred over the goodness of the night. Ertugrul Quotes
The battle is Our’s to fight, the Victory is Allah’s. Ertugrul Quotes
Ertugrul Quotes
Even if you can’t make your dreams happen, you leave them as a heritage to your children. Ertugrul Quotes
How can the Heart travel to god, when it is chained by its desires?. Ertugrul Quotes
Pens can solve what weapons can’t. Ertugrul Quotes
We are the voice that thunders for the right to silence the oppressors. Ertugrul Quotes
If pain was not the biggest blessing, why would Allah give it to his most beloved subjects, The Prophet?. Ertugrul Quotes

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