Top 50 Best Hard Times Quotes

Everybody has hard times in their life. These hard times teach us a useful lesson which is useful for future life. According to some people it is good to have hard times in your life. Because it will help you to identify who are with you and who are against you. In hard times we need something which helps us to boost our confidence and patience. Hard Times Quotes can play a role of friend in difficult times. These Hard Times Quotes will help you to realize the truth of the life. Here are top 50 best Hard times quote.

Hard times
Never let your head hang. Never give up and sit back and grieve. Find another way. And do not pray when it is raining, if you do not pray when the sun is shining. Hard times
An issue is an opportunity for you to do your best. Hard times
We must accept the inevitable disappointment, but we must never lose hope. Hard times
Hard times never last, but hard people do. Hard times
When it seems like all is going against you, remember that an airplane flies against the wind, not with it. Hard times
Hard times
We must accept pain and burn it as fuel for journey.  Hard times
Accept hardship as a necessary discipline. Hard times
Trust yourself, especially when no one else does. Hard times
In difficult times will you complain or shine?. Hard times
Deep-rooted strength is the result of a difficult journey.   Hard times

Hard times
Experiencing difficulties is a blessing. Not because we suffer, but because we learn to endure. Hard times
Difficult times and fake friends like oil and water: Don't mix. Hard times
Challenges and Hard Times will try to ruin your Spaghetti. Just don't give them a Fork. Hard times
Good life is not built on ease. It's the tough times that give us a solid rock foundation. Hard times
Life is a examination and we all have to face our challenges. Hard times
Hard times
It takes a lot of courage to overcome difficult times. Never give up. Good things are coming your way. Hard times
Hard times refine us like gold. Hard times
If one door is closed, seek for another open door. Hard times
Hope is necessary because it can make the present moment difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be good, we can endure today. Hard times
In times of great stress or anxiety, it is always better to be busy, to turn your displease and your energy into something positive. Hard times
Hard times
Gem cannot be polished without friction, nor is man perfect without trials. Hard times
Hard times may hold you back, but they won't last forever. When everything is said and done, you will be exalted. Hard times
Hard times are sometimes in disguise. We have to suffer but in the end it makes us stronger, better and wiser. Hard times
You can go through a very difficult time. Where you feel like a failure but remember one thing, struggle and hard time is the most inspiring thing in the world. Hard times
People need hard times and pressure to develop psychological muscles. Hard times
Hard times
No matter how hard it seems, just keep going, don't give up because we only fail when we lose. Hard times
I want to use the hard times of the past to inspire me today. Hard times
Difficult times create opportunities for you to experience more love in your life. Hard times
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Hard times
Difficult days are best because that's when heroes are made. Hard times
Hard times
Stars can not shine without the darkness. Hard times
Hardships often prepare ordinary prepare for an extraordinary destiny. Hard times
Remember, yours bad days even have 24 hours. Hard times
Sometimes bad things which happened in our life help us put on the right path. Hard times
Fall seven times stand up eight. Hard times
Hard times
You are allowed to scream and cry but do not give up. Hard times
You have to deal with every thing with patience that world throw at you. Hard times
No one saves us but overselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. Hard times
Diamond is a lump of coal that did well under pressure. Hard times
You must mentally prepare to conquer any situation. Hard times
Hard times
Once you go through the hard times, you can only get stronger. Hard times
People in tough times - it doesn't mean they don't have a great attitude. Hard times
Insist on hard choices and grinding everyone in tough times. Hard times
In difficult times, we all hope for shining coaches, or knights on horseback, to show change and impact. Hard times
Life is not easy and more forgiving; we become stronger and more flexible. Hard times
Hard times
The difference between a strong man and a weak man is that strong man does not lose heart after a previous defeat. Hard times
If my spirit to succeed is strong enough, failure will never come out of me. Hard times
Nothing is more attractive than the smile that has struggled through the tears. Hard times
Life's challenges don't have to paralyze you. They are going to help you find out. Hard times
Problems are not stop signs; they are guidelines. Hard times

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